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            News About us

            Company profile

            T&F Industrial Limited was founded in 2002, focusing on the field of intelligent hardware, smart phone and tablet accessories. As a leading OEM and ODM manufacturer in the field, it has developed a wide range of hardware and accessories from smart watch, wireless charger, PD, smart power and cable to TPU case, PC case, double-shot case, leather case, tempered glass and etc.?

            T&F has about 45 thousand square meters of manufacture factory in Dongguan and employs more than 1 thousand staff and workers. It has been certified to ISO9001-2008 and QC80000.

            T&F can process over 60 sets of precision dies and moulds with the support of 10 CNC machines of Makino and Fanuc, 3 Seibu WEDM-LS and 10 Makino EDM in the precision mould manufacture and injection workshop; there are more than 100 advanced precision injection machines branding Toyo, Haitian and etc, ranging ?from 100T to 400T, which can inject and manufacture plastic cases by moulding with double-shot, PC, ABS, TPU or TPR, reaching the capacity to 3 million products per month. Leather products workshop has 12 production lines, where there are 50 voltage machines and 60 sewing machines to manufacture over 1 million pieces of various graded sewed or heat-pressed leather items. Electronic products assembly group has SMT workshop and 10 automated assembly lines and and testing equipments as well as 3 clean packing rooms.?

            We always adhesive to “high quality, good price, fast delivery and excellent service” .

            There are about 200 engineers specialized in design and development, engineering and quality control, providing products and services with professional ethics.?

            “We are dedicated to becoming your best work partners!”?

            T&F has been working closely with customers from Europe, America, Japan and the rest of world in the past 16 years, and it has won great response and reputation.

            Please contact us if you need the best one-stop OEM/ODM service. Sincerely looking forward to your visit and cooperation!

            Company Vision: To become an outstanding intelligent manufacturer of global consumer electronics products.

            Company mission: to provide customers with the most valuable products and services.

            Core values: honesty, hard work, learning, lean, and action.

            Core idea: Taking honesty as the root and diligence as the foundation.

              Address: Dongguan Changan Wusha Li House Xingfa South Road East Third Street on the 8th   
              Customer Service Email:sale@china-tnf.com     Customer service hotline:( 86)769-82855578?Copyright ?2005 - 2013 T&F Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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